What Is A Civil Funeral Service?

A Civil funeral is a "bespoke", "tailor made" or "personalised" funeral ceremony and completely different to any other funeral because everyone is different. Each ceremony is individually written and created to honour and respect the person that has died focusing on what made them individual and special to everyone in their lives. There are many different types of funeral services available that people may not realise or know about.

The funeral service is the beginning of the healing process after the loss of a loved one. It enables family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to come together to recognise and mourn the death of their loved one and to celebrate the life that they shared. An end of life ceremony is also a time where we come together to support each other in a time of great sadness, where families are drawn closer together and offer unconditional love and support to each other to honour the passing of a significant part of their life.

A funeral ceremony can be a distressing time for those in attendance, but far from being sad and sombre, the ceremonies that I create are positive and uplifting, focusing on the life the person lead and their individuality, providing a ceremony just as they would have wanted. Many options are open with a Civil celebration, you may want personal readings from significant family members, children may also like to speak as this gives them a unique opportunity to voice their love for the person that they have just lost in their lives.

Music may take a big part of the ceremony, music can invoke memories of the deceased which could be played in order to reflect upon the life that is being celebrated. Whatever you see as a fitting tribute to your loved one, to mark your loss in a meaningful way and yet still be inclusive to everyone is possible with a Civil ceremony.

Different types of services for funerals

There are many different types of funeral services available for people to choose from. Some of those choices are shown on this page.

Non Religious Services

This type of funeral service is without mention or reference to any religion or belief in afterlife. It is sometimes appropriate to consider others that attend the service and include a few minutes reflection time where their own beliefs can be reflected upon. If the service is to be held at a crematorium it is sometimes possible for the crucifix or other religious symbols to be removed from the chapel prior to the service.

Semi Religious Service

Growing numbers of people are finding themselves not associated with any church but are still deeply spiritual, they may have had faith but may not have regularly attended a church, yet would still like a funeral service with reference to the family of God.

Spiritual Funerals

Many people are not associated with organised religion but do not want to close the door on the possibility of life after death or some form of spirituality. I can conduct a tailor made funeral service which respects the persons beliefs with the inclusion of hymns or readings to any level.

New Age / Holistic Funerals

In the current world many people do not subscribe to any organised religion or belief system, they may have strong feelings of individuality that can be reflected in Holistic services. These services reflect the presence of body, mind and spirit with no connection to religion. These ceremonies can take the form of meditation, chanting, ritual or a music focused service.

A True Civil Ceremony

A Civil ceremony may include all, some or none of the above, the beauty of a Civil ceremony is that the wishes of the deceased and the family are taken fully into consideration no matter how extreme and a truly unique service can be tailored around them.

I am totally independent from any Religious or Humanistic organisation and respect the wishes of all. With your input and ideas we can together create a funeral service that will be truly memorable.

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