Funerary photography is becoming increasingly more popular, it is often thought of as breaking the rules of etiquette but for every other special occasion photography is used to record everything from birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and most other milestones that occur in our lives. Why not at a funeral?

Pictures can be taken by a discreet professional with respect and dignity for the attendees, someone who fully understands the sense of occasion, for example there would not be any direct face shots, or group pictures (unless requested). Photography can be particularly useful if there are family members that are unable to attend or for ones that live in foreign countries, pictures would enable them to fully appreciate the sense of the occasion and also help them with their feelings of loss.

The feelings that we experience during a funeral service of a loved one are often overwhelming and it is often said that after the funeral only a fraction of the service can be remembered due to the high emotions of the day. Knowing that a photographer is in attendance can remove some of the added pressure of trying to fully remember the occasion and release us to concentrate more on why we are there, to mark the life a loved one.

Photography gives a permanent record of the final moments of a personal life story and can be added to other significant photographs to complete that persons journey, not just to be reflected upon by loved ones that are left behind but also future generations. Funerary photographs not only serve as a reminder of the day; coupled with a complete transcript of the service the occasion can be revisited when and wherever, assisting with the grieving process.

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